A special project for ALS: 1+40 ALI 
(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) - 2014 / 2018

The importance of the exhibition is based on many reasons. First, it is 40th year anniversary of Tahir Ün's photography. Ali, who is the other photographer organizing this exhibition, will be celebrating his first year with photography. Tahir Ün will be presenting sections from Ali Var's life, whereas Ali Var will exhibit his photos reflecting his own perspective of life.

Ali Var a young ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) patient, diagnosed by his doctors to have left three more years to live and can not use 85% of his body, takes his photos with a device installed on his wheelchair. Therefore, this exhibition, dedicated to all patients in a condition similar to Ali Var, was named "1 + 40 - Ali". The aim of two photographers is to raise awareness for people with disabilities and other ALS patients through this exhibition. With all it's revenues to be donated to ALS patients, a catalog is also being prepared for this exhibition.

We traveled more than 4000 km along with Ali for exhibitions and conversations including Istanbul, Aydin, Bodrum, Adana, Kusadasi and Çanakkale.
 Ali Var is shooting picture (top)     Event list:   2014...
Ali Var is shooting picture (top)

Event list:

2014 Exhibition, "1 + 40 Ali", Gallery Diogenes, Izmir.
2014 Exhibition, "1 + 40 Ali", Photo Workshop, Old Town Tanneries, Kusadasi.
2015 Exhibition and Interview, Grand Hall, Pond, Akhisar
2016 Photo show and Conversation, Anatolian Side Photography Art Association, Istanbul.
2016 Exhibition, "1 + 40 Ali", Photo Foundation Art Gallery, Beyoglu, Istanbul.
2016 Exhibition (special for disabled people), ALS-MNH Association, Bakırkoy, Istanbul.
2016 Photo show and Conversation, Pan Visual Culture Society, Çanakkale.
2016 Exhibition, Türkan Saylan Venue, Çanakkale
2016 Exhibition, Burda Shopping Center, Çanakkale
2016 Joint Exhibition and Interview, Photography - Photography and Cinema Art Association (Fotografya), Adana
2016 Joint Exhibition, Efeler 1.International Photography Workshop, Aydin
2016 Exhibition, Medical Park Foyer, Adana
2017 Joint Exhibition, Art Ankara Art Fair, Ankara
2017 Joint Exhibition, Efeler 2nd International Photography Workshop, Aydin
2018 Exhibition, Trafo Bodrum Art Gallery (Hakan Aykan Culture and Art Center), Bodrum.

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