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What is "the end" in Pandemic period?
azizm sanat örgütü
Jul 9, 2020
What does "the end" mean? What does "the end" correspond to? What does the “End” evoke to the person? The Covid-19 epidemic is accompanied by this question of "What is the Last". We asked the artists, academics, and intellectuals which we are close, the conceptual repercussions of the word "end", which is more concrete than ever.  Respectively; Lale Kabadayi (film academician), Tahir Ün (visual artist), Alev Oskay (ceramic artist), Sera Uzel (painter), Åžükran Moral (performance artist), Kaya Özkaracalar (film critic), Aykan Özener (archeologist/photographer), Mecit Ünal (poet/writer) and N. Aysun Akinci Yüksel (academician) examine the "end" as a concept.

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